Berlin: Industrial Heritage and the Soundtrack of a City

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Join John Schofield as he discusses a range of personal & fieldwork experiences in Berlin, which reflect on and represent the city’s industrial heritage, in surprising ways. Industry characterises the city’s past and present, and will therefore shape its future. The city’s political division during the 20th century, its architecture, and the ways communities use and respond to that architecture, create Berlin’s fascinating, ambiguous and often contested relationship with heritage, tangible and intangible, authorised and unauthorised.

Additional Information

Professor John Schofield is Head of Archaeology at the University of York (UK), a Senior Research Fellow at Flinders University, and Docent at Turku University in Finland. At the time of this seminar, he is based in the University of Queensland. John previously spent 21 years with English Heritage, the UK’s leading national heritage agency. His research covers a wide range of topics, but always from an archaeological angle. He is often drawn back to Berlin where he spent part of his childhood. He has recently conducted research there, forming the basis of this presentation.