Play for a Vital and Sustainable City
Play, Creativity and Culture Project

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The Play, Creativity and Culture Symposium explores the concepts, practices and potential of play within cities. We consider what play means in the current urban context. A playful city can provide benefits for individual and community health and wellbeing; for creativity, collaboration and innovation; and for engagement and pleasure. We consider Canberra as a site of play. We want to make Canberra a truly ‘playful’ city – one that inspires people (and other creatures!) to play in myriad and diverse ways.

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The last fifty years has seen an exponential growth in urban populations worldwide. As our cities expand, they transform into increasingly complex and at times busy centres of private, public and social activity. The 21st century city is now a site for a myriad diverse rituals and practices that comprise everyday urban life. These changes to the city present challenges and opportunities for urban planners, designers, and city communities. Key questions emerge: How can we create vital urban ecologies that contribute to the wellbeing of people and place? How will we create public spaces that support diversity, foster creativity and enhance prosperity? How will we activate these sites to inspire human engagement and interaction? Are these achievable in a resource-efficient and environmentally friendly way?