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21 August 2019
02:30 - 04:30


Building: 24
Room: Seminar Room 2
Other: Ann Harding Conference Centre


Reena Ghildyal, Prof. Microbiology, University of Canberra

Bioceutical Research  @ UC

The Centre for Research in Therapeutic Solutions (CResTS) and Collaborative Research in Bioactives and Biomarkers (CRIBB) have organized a seminar for you to hear and discuss the latest research on natural compounds being used for disease treatment and drug therapy!



Potential therapeutic targets for diabetes

Aditya Arya, 

Asso.Prof. Taylor's University, Malaysia

Dietary supplements and the prevention of cognitive decline

Nathan D’Cunha,

PhD Student, University of Canberra


Green or Black tea – implications in successful ageing

Nenad Naumovski

Asso. Prof. University of Canberra


The effect of Theanine on physiological responses in healthy males

Jackson Williams

PhD Student, University of Canberra


The phytochemical properties of commercially available Australian honeys as a potential therapeutic for oral mucositis.

Maddy Hunter

PhD Student, University of Canberra


Targeting host proteins as antiviral therapy

Cynthia Mathew

PhD, University of Canberra


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