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02 August 2019
11:30 - 12:30


Building: 1
Room: A21


Faculty of Science and Technology


Adjunct Professor Peter Bridgewater


Seven Types of Ambiguity: Resolving confusing conversations in conservation

Nature needs half; a new deal for nature; natural capital; transformative change; ecosystem services; natures contributions to people: just some of the confusing ecobabble facing politicians in the lead-in to the Convention on Biological Diversity CoP in 2020. But rather than scramble for new things, we already have the tools to craft better ways to deal with biodiversity, we are just not using them well or effectively. Focusing on Natura 2000, urban ecological infrastructure, the Australian Landcare program, UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and community conserved areas, and drawing on the positive messages in the IPBES Global Assessment, I argue that an integrated approach with existing tools can reach a global biodiversity balance by 2030 – without invoking confusing or unreachable targets.



Peter Bridgewater is an Adjunct Professor with the Institute for Applied Ecology and the Institute of Governance and Policy Analysis, at the University of Canberra. Peter is currently the Chair for the Australian Working Group on Biosphere Reservesand the Australian national delegate for theIntergovernmental Coordinating Council for the Man and the Biosphere Programme, UNESCO. He has published over 250 papers and presented at many major scientific conferences. 

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