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19 February 2024
12:00 - 14:00


Building: 8
Other: Level B


UC Library launches UC Alum's first novel!

Join us in the Library on February 19th to celebrate the release of UC Alum Abdurahman Awad's first book - Alternate Realm: The Herald Awakened!

Abdurahman graduated from UC in 2021 with an MBA and a deep love of history and historical figures. Following humanity's tumultuous year of 2020, his inherent creativity combined with his love of history to spark a burning desire to write a novel. The result is Alternate Realm: The Herald Awakened - A historical tour de force including iconic figures such as Boudica, Saladin, William Wallace and more!

Come by the Library (Level B) at midday to meet the Author, purchase a signed copy of his book and munch on some homemade Lebanese pizza bread. 

Additional Information

The story follows the adventures of Hannibal, who unknowingly gets thrust into the alternate realm after naively accepting an agreement with an unknown entity named The Spider Queen. He discovers a world that allows time travel and the alteration of world history. Throughout his journey, Hannibal meets some renowned historic figures such as: Boudica, Sun Tzu, William Wallace, Saladin and others. It is made known to Hannibal early on, that there is a powerful spirit called Herald, which is a prize for those who complete certain quests. As he delves deeper into his journey, Hannibal ends up uncovering a very dangerous truth, one which presents him with a morally burdensome dilemma.

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