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Samantha Smith

ACT for Anxiety

ACT for Anxiety is a new group treatment program to help clients who are experiencing difficulties with anxiety.

The program utilises Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to teach clients mindfulness-based skills and strategies to assist with their day-to-day living with Anxiety. 

The ACT program does this by:

  • Teaching skills to deal with painful thoughts and feelings effectively
  • Helping clarify what is important to you and using that knowledge to motivate you to create positive change

Sessions run for 1-1.5 hours per week starting at 11 am.



Additional Information

A referral by your psychologist at UC Medical and Counselling is required for participation. Consultation with the UC Medical and Counselling Centre is essential prior to registration.

If you are interested in participation in Semester 2, please contact the UC Medical and Counselling Centre.

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