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14 February 2023
16:30 - 18:30


Building: 1
Room: A21


Faculty of Business, Government and Law, University of Canberra


Professor David Carter

BGL Professorial Lecture Series: Accounting as a Weapon of Math Destruction

Professor David Carter examines why a deeper study of accounting is important to politics, law and regulation, demonstrating that accounting techniques, concepts and technologies introduce choice and subjectivities that challenge political processes and politics. In other words, accounting is not apolitical. Join us for this fascinating and in-depth look at how the 'politics of information' influences the construction of accounting information, how it can influence actors in legal, policy and regulatory settings, and how it subsequently influences outcomes in policy and regulatory settings which are often claimed to be objective, democratic or in the public interest.

David Carter is a Professor in the Canberra Business School and is the Program Director for Undergraduate Commerce and Accounting and the Singapore Doctoral Program. David draws upon legal and regulatory experience in a trans-disciplinary way to explore the politics of information concerning accounting, law, politics, regulation and discourses of capital.

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The lecture will take place both on campus and online. Please see Eventbrite link for details.

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