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16 June 2023
20:30 - 22:30

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Building: 1
Room: UC Hub
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Frenchy @ UC Theatrette

Beware Sinners, Judgement Day is upon us! 

Yes, Father Frenchy is back for another ridiculous comedy show & nothing is off limits. Some people believe that the world will end soon & God will judge how everyone lived. WHY WAIT FOR THAT?! Frenchy is ready to judge now, whether you’re ready or not.

Stocked full of ALL NEW MATERIAL, Frenchy promises 1 thing from his shows – laughs. And seats. And shoeys. Okay, he promises a few things.

Edgy, dark & absurd, Frenchy’s brand of comedy ain't for everyone but that’s how comedy is supposed to be. Frenchy’s shows are always an epic night but just be careful if you sit in the front row…



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