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10 September 2022
19:00 - 22:30


Building: 1
Room: UC Hub
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Keli Holiday @ UC Hub

If you had to describe Adam Hyde in one word, the word that would probably come to your brain the quickest is 'fun'. As one-half of Peking Duk, Hyde has been behind some of Australian electronic's most lively and festival-ready records of the last decade, and on the live stage, the duo - the other half made up from Reuben Styles - are always capable of taking the energy up to 110%, regardless of whether it's in the form of a headline show or in the early afternoon of a US festival, where only a handful of people likely know their names.

Born after an extensive North American tour with Peking Duk, Keli Holiday came after Adam began experimenting with music of his own, music as inspired by acts like New Order and Joy Division as it was by the more dance-focused acts Peking Duk are often listed alongside. In the burst of inspiration, he carved out 12 tracks in just four weeks - which you'll be hearing on a forthcoming debut album, still to be announced - sharing them with Golden Features' Thomas Stell who then forward it onto The Presets' Kim Moyes; both adding their own flourishes and touches to the work, making it what it is now.

We Don't Have To Know was a brilliant note to kick everything off; one that really seems to amplify what Adam Hyde wants to bring through Keli Holiday. There are bursts of Hyde's signature high-energy charm - I don't think that's something you can ever take away from his work - but it's warped and morphed around this kind-of dance-rock backing, almost like a modernised LCD Soundsystem with a bit of a heavier dance music emphasis. For many (seemingly including Hyde himself), it offered a source of escapism, and an opportunity to venture away when you were stuck in the walls of your home.

Keli Holiday's second single Where You Feel, unveiled today, keeps that trend continuing. Those nods to classic acts like New Order and Talking Heads rear their faces again, with Adam's spirit meeting the talent of Alex Lahey, who adds a further dimension to the track's already quite layered sound. "I added the salt and she added the sugar. I recorded the guitar chords and it felt right, without an ounce of force - it all fell into place and felt right," he says on the track.

Like much of Keli Holiday's material, there's a sense of freedom within Where You Feel which is capable of plucking you away from your worries, transporting you to the world it was made amongst - California's sun-soaked coast - even if you're thousands of kilometres away in real life. "Where You Feel is sweet Mexican cola in a song, it’s the sweat dripping from your cheeks, it’s day drinking in the streets of sunny California," he continues, talking about the refreshing euphoria you can feel within the song's backbone.

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