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05 August 2021
15:00 - 16:00

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UC Future of Food in the CBR Region


Rod Taylor, Kate Auty, Bethaney Turner, Susan Jeanes, Monica Oliphant, Shawn Somerset, Nenad Naumovski

Journeys on a Fragile Planet: what role can we play?

A conversation between Author Rod Taylor, Guests and the University of Canberra 'Future of Food in the CBR region' research group

Finding ways to feed ourselves safe, affordable, nourishing foods without damaging the environment is becoming ever more urgent. Finding ways to solve a growing food crisis and other complex environmental problems of our time is paramount. The issues facing us are deep and multi-faceted and require us to tune in to different perspectives and journeys.

In his book Ten Journeys on a Fragile Planet, Rod Taylor explores different perspectives and personal insights into how a range of people and professions confront crisis. How do different people personally and professionally grapple with the environmental challenges of our time?

There are strong parallels in the book with researchers at the University of Canberra and the Future of Food in the Canberra Region network. UC researchers are using inter-disciplinary skills to connect with the community.

At this online event the author and people from the book will be in conversation with UC staff to share their insights.

There will be a series of short talks followed by open discussion.
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