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03 August 2021
12:00 - 13:00


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UC Alumni Office


Mr Michael Miller
Mr Ben Faulks
Ms Katarina Slavich (host)
Mr Yogi Vidyattama
Event about:

What's the deal with property prices in Canberra?

Feeling a bit confused by the current property market in Canberra? You're not alone! Three experts will share their insights for you. 


Additional Information

The property market has had an odd reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was perhaps thought that with the uncertainty of the pandemic that property prices may decline, however in Canberra we have seen the exact opposite with prices going beyond anyone's expectations including home owners, home buyers and real estate agents.

We think this topic needs a little bit of unpacking so we have brought three experts together to talk through their insights.

In this webinar we will learn:

  • Current economic trends effecting the property market
  • What the real estate agents are seeing in terms of buyer demographics and purchasing behaviour
  • How to get into the market despite these challenges
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