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17 May 2019
11:30 - 12:30


Building: 2
Room: B07


Institute of Applied Ecology


Mrs Eman Alkasasbeh

IAE Seminar Series - Arsenic species in marine algae: analysis and synthesis

This weeks Institute of Applied Ecology Seminar Series is on the analysis of natural occurring arsenic containing ribosides by HPLC-ICPMS - using a zirconium anion exchange chromatography and synthesis of chiral arsenoriboses standards.

The metalloid arsenic is potentially a toxic element and is naturally found in the diet, particularly seafood, as well as drinking water. Arsenic-containing ribosides constitute an important class of natural arsenic species that are biosynthesized by marine macroalgae. Their importance emerges from being part of the transformation and cycling of arsenic species in the marine environment. Among the different approaches to understanding arsenoribose formation, biotransformation, characterization of their metabolites, toxicity and human exposure, is the quantification and identification of those species in the marine organisms. The growing awareness of the toxicity of arsenoriboses has led to the development of new analytical techniques for their analysis. This research project aims to (1) improve speciation methods for arsenoriboses current performed using a HPLC-ICPMS with a silica-based anion exchange column by using a zirconium-based anion exchange column (2) synthesize the chiral arsenoriboses as standards for analysis.

Additional Information

Speaker bio:

Eman Alkasasbeh is currently a phD student at the Institute for Applied Ecology, University of Canberra. She received a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Jordan (2011).

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