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21 February 2020
11:30 - 12:30


Building: 2B
Room: 11


Faculty of Science and Technology


Dr Darren Giling, Centre for Applied Water Science, Faculty of Science and Technology


IAE Seminar Series: Effects of extreme events on ecosystem functioning in lake.

Lakes play a significant role in carbon cycling at a global scale. An increased frequency and severity of extreme storms may alter lake productivity by disrupting patterns of stratification and importing terrestrial organic matter and nutrients. We used manipulations in large enclosures in a German lake to disentangle these mechanisms. The seminar will explore how brief events can induce protracted algal blooms that alter lake primary production and ecosystem respiration, highlighting that extreme events will superimpose upon climate trends to alter carbon cycling in lakes.

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Speaker Bio:

Dr Darren Giling is a Research Fellow in Quantitative Ecology jointly in the Centre for Applied Water Science at the University of Canberra and CSIRO. He is an ecosystem and community ecologist focusing broadly on the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. His research examines how environmental change influences the composition of biological communities and the rate at which they cycle energy through food webs. He is interested in whether management actions such as replanting native vegetation and providing environmental flows improve ecosystem health by restoring the connectivity of freshwaters to the surrounding landscape.

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