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15 March 2019
11:30 - 12:30


Building: 2
Room: B9


Institute for Applied Ecology

Weird Rivers and Wild Ideas: The Landscape Evolution of the Clarence River Catchment

Public lecture with Professor Ken McQueen

The Clarence River catchment is the largest river system on the southeast coast of Australia. The most striking and intriguing feature of this catchment is the dramatic change in drainage direction along its western margin, where NE-trending streams intersect the south-flowing Clarence River. Two models involving drainage reversal or drainage diversion have been proposed to explain the development of the present Clarence River (Haworth and Ollie, 1992; McQueen, 2016). Both models imply that the western and southern drainage pattern is inherited from a much older, northerly drainage initiated in the Jurassic during development of the Clarence-Moreton Basin and prior to continental rifting and formation of the Tasman Sea. 

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