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03 April 2019
19:00 - 21:00


Building: 14
Room: Boiler House Lecture Theatre


University of Canberra Faculty of Education and ACIAR


Professor Naila Kabeer

PUBLIC LECTURE: Naila Kabeer - Empowering Rural Women: Policy and Practice Keys to Development

In her first public lecture in Canberra, world-renowned feminist development economist Professor Naila Kabeer will discuss policies and programs seeking to promote women’s empowerment.

Professor Kabeer's lecture brings together key findings from evaluations of policies and programs that seek to promote women's empowerment and livelihood capabilities in rural development in the Global South, with specific attention to their role in agriculture. Efforts to address the immediate and larger constraints that impact on women's livelihood capabilities will be assessed: what has worked, what has failed, and why? Bringing together lessons from both sets of interventions can deepen our understanding of how gendered constraints work in different circumstances. This in turn can help us to craft more effective policy measures to empower rural women and improve their livelihoods, which we know generates flow on benefits for their families, their communities and societal food and nutrition security.

Additional Information

Professor Naila Kabeer is Professor of Gender and Development at the Department of Gender Studies and Department of International Development at The London School of Economics and Political Science.

For more information on Professor Naila Kabeer visit her website:
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