A user-centric digital inclusion framework for a digitalised society: 'Linking Australia's digital divide policy and digital exclusion experiences'
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Connectivity continues to grow, however a wide division between those who use technology effectively and those who do not has emerged as a new digital gap. The long term consequences of not being able to use technologies effectively results in a range of economic, social and cultural disadvantages in a highly digitalised society. This study examines how digital divide policies have addressed the issues of both access and usage gaps. It also explores the experiences of the digitally disadvantaged groups in order to devise a policy framework that can empower people through digital engagement.

Additional Information

Jee Young Lee is a PhD candidate at the University of Canberra, and a research assistant at the university's News and Media Research Centre. Her doctoral research explores a user-centric inclusion framework for a digitalised society and the role of digital divide policy in addressing exclusion. She has worked on several research studies that focus on online behaviour and digital inclusion.