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Arts & Culture

UnCover Video: Behind-the-Scenes of the Design Canberra Pavilion

UC Associate Professor of Architecture, Max Maxwell, and a team of UC Architecture students built the centrepiece pavilion of the Design Canberra festival with the help of half a kilometre of cardboard tubes, a robot arm called URI, computation and plenty of people power. Come behind the scenes to discover how this incredible structure of futuristic design was made. The "Dark Crafts Pavilion" will be housing Design Canberra activities—from events to yoga—throughout the festival until 24 November in Civic Square, Canberra City.

With thanks to: Design Canberra, City Renewal Authority, Cardboard Tubes, Sellick Consultants, KDN Group and Glitter and Dance.

Alumni Stories

UC's 30th anniversary: Myles ahead of the curve

UC alumnus Myles Chandler is achieving great things, putting his degree to use designing Canberra-made bicycles.

Ideas, Progress & the Future

In the spotlight: World Heritage Day

UC's Assistant Professor Alison Wain talks about the value, impacts and complexities of heritage.

Students in Focus

From classroom to career: James Hiscutt's journey to become a filmmaker

After winning the UC Creative Competition in 2019, Bachelor of Film Production student James Hiscutt is making waves in Canberra's film industry.

Arts & Culture

Mada’s magic career

Adam Brindley couldn’t have foreseen his future as career magician Adam Mada – or that his University of Canberra bachelor’s degree would help him transform that business in the COVID-19 pandemic.