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Sport, Health & Wellbeing

Regaining your Equilibri-um

Hayley Teasdale and David Hinwood are PhD students from the University of Canberra who have come up with a brilliant, simple and accessible solution to reduce falls for people whose balance is impaired, such as Parkinson’s disease sufferers.

The Equilibri Balance Ball retrains balance by improving proprioception, or the sense of where your body is in space. Check out the video below, in which they explain how it works.

Video by John Masiello

Alumni Stories

Drink up! UC alumnus designs bottle for Asics

University of Canberra Alumnus René Linssen has forged a career in industrial design since he graduated, which includes a recent contribution to the design of an Asics drink bottle.

Sport, Health & Wellbeing

Thriving, not just surviving

As a cancer survivor, Melanie Moore is using her learned knowledge to support others going through treatment, and encourages exercise throughout the cancer continuum.

Students in Focus

The mnemonics of melody

UC student Heather Roche drew on her lifetime love to explore the power of music, memory and meaning for people living with dementia, in collaboration with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra.

Community Connections

Let’s hear from women in aged care residences

In her recent best seller, The Invisible Woman, Caroline Craido Perez claims that "most of recorded history is one big gender gap". When it comes to the lives of the ‘other half’ of humanity she says, "there is often nothing but silence". This is perhaps never more evident than in the final years of our lives when some of us are residents in aged care homes.