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Sport, Health & Wellbeing

Regaining your Equilibri-um

Hayley Teasdale and David Hinwood are PhD students from the University of Canberra who have come up with a brilliant, simple and accessible solution to reduce falls for people whose balance is impaired, such as Parkinson’s disease sufferers.

The Equilibri Balance Ball retrains balance by improving proprioception, or the sense of where your body is in space. Check out the video below, in which they explain how it works.

Video by John Masiello

Alumni Stories

Rowing for change

Sarah Cook, a finalist in the 2022 Distinguished Alumni Awards, has been to two Olympic Games, countless world championships, and won endless medals. But her proudest achievement? Her contribution to making change for women in sport.

Alumni Stories

Grads 2024: Jack Bell

Jack Bell thought his future lay in the theatre, and university wasn't initially even a consideration - but today he's on the postgrad research path at the University of Canberra, as he helps look for a cure for chronic Hepatitis B.

Community Connections

A woman's place … is wherever she wants

Meet some of the incredible women researchers at the University of Canberra, whose amazing work, determined strength and unyielding hope provide daily inspiration.

Dhunning - Indigenous Impact

Adam Doyle – a passion for physio

University of Canberra graduate Adam Doyle is the first Indigenous graduate from the Bachelor of Physiotherapy course and hopes that he can make a difference in remote Aboriginal communities.