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Sport, Health & Wellbeing

Regaining your Equilibri-um

Hayley Teasdale and David Hinwood are PhD students from the University of Canberra who have come up with a brilliant, simple and accessible solution to reduce falls for people whose balance is impaired, such as Parkinson’s disease sufferers.

The Equilibri Balance Ball retrains balance by improving proprioception, or the sense of where your body is in space. Check out the video below, in which they explain how it works.

Video by John Masiello

Ideas, Progress & the Future

Walking on Mars: UC research helps astronauts take first steps

When astronauts walk on Mars, it will be thanks to researchers at UC. Through her research on somatosensory experiences and proprioception, PhD candidate Ashleigh Marchant is helping them prepare for some of the health issues they may face when they get there.

Students in Focus

In the People’s House

A Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations student at the University of Canberra, Jarred Synnott went on an eye-opening, life-changing journey to the US Capitol this year. Here’s his story.

Ideas, Progress & the Future

Leading the charge in learning and change

Teachers are the catalysts for change. They stimulate minds, trigger innovative thinking and promote creativity. All essential components for adapting to a continually evolving world.

Environmental Influence

Power in agriculture: Is gender identity the key?

PhD candidate Jane Alver shares her thoughts on gender identity and its power in the agricultural sector ahead of the Seeds of Change Conference.