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Ideas, Progress & the Future

UnCover Podcast: The Other Colours of the Rainbow

Hear TV personality Benjamin Law, PhD student Robin Ladwig, Professor Raechel Johns and President of the UC LGBTIQ+ student society, Jace Reh, discuss all the colours of the rainbow and the next steps for supporting the LGBTIQ+ community.

The panel discusses gender identity and sexual orientation, implicit and explicit bias, real change versus surface change and what’s next for the queer rights movement.

Community Connections

The work-from-home toolbox

Working from the comfort of your living room? UC’s Dale Rogers would like to introduce you to a slew of handy tools to keep your WFH game on point.

Students in Focus

Pushing past personal horizons

From starting a new life in Canberra to being named a Stanford University Innovations Fellow, UC student Belinda Harris constantly keeps herself just beyond her comfort zone.

Environmental Influence

Devil in the detail

Associate Professor Janine Deakin’s research may hold the key to saving the world’s largest living carnivorous marsupial–the Tasmanian devil.

Environmental Influence

Commercial whaling: the global response we need

Japan has exited the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and resumed commercial whaling – and there is now a global opportunity to structure a new, sustainable approach to whaling. Australia can be a leader in this if it chooses, says former IWC Chair and UC Adjunct Professor Peter Bridgewater.