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Alumni Stories

CCAE graduates return to UC for commemorative graduation

On the 25 September 2018, the University of Canberra held a commemorative graduation celebration to acknowledge and celebrate the UC graduates who attended its foundation institution, the Canberra College of Advanced Education.

All CCAE alumni were invited to attend the historic ceremony, offering them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to re-graduate and receive a UC certificate.

While the University of Canberra is not the first institution in Australia to form after being a technical college, it is the first to formally acknowledge the graduates from its forerunner institution at an official graduation celebration.

Although the university will turn 30 in 2020, the celebration marked an important milestone for the campus: 50 years of education on the Bruce campus.

What better way to celebrate the history of education than by welcoming our earliest graduates into the modern UC of today?

For the University of Canberra, this was a night to reconnect and celebrate a group of talented and inspiring alumni and to hear about the diverse and interesting array of experiences they have undertaken.

It was an opportunity for the University to reflect on its rich history as well as celebrate the possibilities of a diverse and significant future.

The CCAE graduates were able to relive the experience of graduation day and celebrate the various journeys’ they have been on since leaving the CCAE. For some this was nearly 50 years ago.

CCAE graduate trio

With almost 55 graduates attending the commemorative ceremony, for many the night was a chance to attend the graduation they never got a chance to all those years ago. The celebration was their opportunity to have their educational achievements acknowledged in a formal setting.

For others, the night provided a chance to share their achievements and the importance of education with their families and children.

The graduation was held at the Australian Institute of Sport, consisting of formal academic proceedings, alumni receiving University of Canberra certificates and a graduation reception.

The reception was a great opportunity for graduates to catch up with former classmates and fellow graduates. With drinks, food and a great atmosphere, graduates were able to reminisce and celebrate the journey they have travelled over the past 50 years.

Words by Mikayla Hargrave

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