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Units will be added to the web timetable as the Timetable Office receives and is able to process  scheduling requests.

IMPORTANT NOTICE for Semester 1, 2017: Preferences will no longer be collected for first year level units and any postgraduate units joined to them. All students who had placed a preference have been allocated to their first preference and should now be able to see this on their personal timetable. All available units on the tutorial system are now open for direct student selection.

Please also note: The 2017 tutorial system, Allocate+, refreshes its information every 20 minutes at 10, 30 and 50 minutes past the hour. A refresh may take between 5 & 10 minutes to complete. If you have just enrolled in a unit you may need to wait until the next refresh has completed before the unit becomes available for you to select which classes you will attend. All single session classes will be automatically allocated provided that doing so would not create a clash on your personal timetable.

Students are requested to check the timetable regularly  for additions and changes.

2017 Timetable

2016 Timetable

The web timetable can also be found on your MyUC site - under the Enrolment & Timetable tab select University timetable.

Timetable Release Dates* 

*The timetable, including release date, is subject to change and you should check the published timetable and this page regularly for changes.

Tutorial Information **

Semester 1, 2017





S1, 2017 tutorial system opens for tutorial and preference selection        

December16201612:00pmS1, 2017 preferences allocated. All available classes open for student direct selection.
December2320163:00pmTutorial system closed for the University close down period.
January4201710:00amTutorial system reopens for student direct allocations.

** Please note that only units that have had their scheduling finalised will be visible.  The tutorial system will indication a class is (OFF) if the timetable has not been finalised yet.  Students are requested to check the timetable regularly for additions and changes.

Please log on to your MyUC to access the tutorial system and detailed instructions (Enrolment & Timetable tab and select UC Tutorial System - personal timetable and class selection). A manual for using the tutorial system, Allocate+, is available for download from the Allocate+ welcome page.

Legend for the timetable listings

  • C Computer lab; D Studio; L Lecture; P Laboratory; S Seminar; T Tutorial; W Workshop
  • LA, LB, LC etc indicate a series where you attend all; similarly TA, TB, TC or CA, CB, etc.
  • Numbers following letters indicate alternatives from which you select one, e.g. one of T/1, T/2, T/3, T/4.
  • Room code indicates building, level, and room, e.g. 9B6 is room 6 on level B of building 9

Casual Room Bookings

Any casual room bookings should be sent as an email request to
Please include the following information:

  • Name of booker.
  • Name and contact details for the person responsible for the room usage on the day of the booking (this is used by Security or Facilities to contact you if a problem arises).
  • Booking dates and times.
  • Size (and name if known) of the venue required and any special requests regarding equipment.
  • A description of the booking ie what the booking will be used for.
  • Please also indicate if the booking will be used for University of Canberra related functions or if you are an external client requiring a booking.


Enquiries related to your program of study, course or subject information should be directed to the course or unit convener. Enrolment enquiries should be directed to the Student Centre. The Student Centre can be contacted on 1300 301 727. Enquiries related to the timetable may be directed to the Timetable Office by emailing

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