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Alumni Stories

Holding on to the good things that last

An alumna of the University of Canberra, Jane Crowley celebrates the spirit of sustainability with her Dirty Janes outlets in Canberra and Bowral, NSW – they're both treasure troves for antique hunters and vintage-lovers.

Jane is a huge believer in upcycling and recycling. “Retaining the essence of a place or thing is what is important, holding on to all that is good about it – letting it speak to you rather than trying to turn it into something it isn’t,” she says.

And this year, the spirit of resilience hallmarked by things made to last is even more important to celebrate – Jane is a champion of things made with love and to be loved.

Read her story in UnCover Magazine.


Video by John Masiello.

Environmental Influence

Power in agriculture: Is gender identity the key?

PhD candidate Jane Alver shares her thoughts on gender identity and its power in the agricultural sector ahead of the Seeds of Change Conference.

Alumni Stories


Author and UC alumna Krys Saclier believes that informed and empowered voices are the building blocks of a healthy democracy - so her new book focuses on teaching children about preferential voting.

Dhunning - Indigenous Impact

Shared sovereignty the ultimate dream for UC alumnus

UC alumnus Fred Leftwich is an advocate for human rights and justice for Indigenous peoples, and for one day achieving shared sovereignty in Australia.

Alumni Stories

Paving pathways … to the moon and back

Chapters of one of humanity’s most remarkable stories were written in the heart of Namadgi National Park in 1969 – this year, UC alumna Megan Watson was one of Craft ACT’s artists in residence, celebrating the moon landing.