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Students in Focus

UnCover Documentary: Overcoming adversity and forging ahead

Isobel Harris is studying towards a double degree in Bachelor of Politics and International Relations and Bachelor of Laws.

Growing up in Townsville, Queensland, Isobel always wanted to study Law. She was inspired to attend the University of Canberra after a school tour to the city as a Legal Studies student in Year 12. Isobel arrived in Canberra in January 2019, an eager and enthusiastic first-year student ready to embrace university life.

In her first year at UC though, Isobel encountered a few challenges, some greater than others – ultimately, her tenacity saw her triumph over these difficulties. About to embark on her second year of study now, Isobel’s spirit is undaunted and she is as excited as ever for what lies ahead – knowing that if she needs help at UC, it is always at hand, and all she needs to do is ask.


With thanks to Laurie Poretti, Mikaela Dockrill and Jayden Seddon for their contribution to this production.

Video by John Masiello

Students in Focus

IDPWD: Disability doesn't just affect those who are disabled

Ahead of the University of Canberra's International Day of People with a Disability celebrations on Wednesday 16 November, it's important to recognise that disability doesn't just affect the person who is disabled.

Students in Focus

The mnemonics of melody

UC student Heather Roche drew on her lifetime love to explore the power of music, memory and meaning for people living with dementia, in collaboration with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra.

Sport, Health & Wellbeing

UnCover documentary: aspiring to be more

Lola Usback thought she might never attend university. Now, the Bachelor of Human Nutrition student is considering a Masters degree.

Environmental Influence

UC voices at COP26

COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, wrapped up in Glasgow over the weekend – University of Canberra students and staff got in on the action by taking part in numerous events during the two-week summit.