Welcome to the UC web timetable.

To search for a unit's scheduling please click the Unit tab to the left of the screen.

Legend for the timetable listings

  • C Computer Lab; D Drop in Session; E Examination; G Group; I Internship/Placement; P Laboratory; L Lecture; O Online only; P Practical; N Presentation; J Project; V Screening; S Seminar; S Session; U Studio; T Tutorial; W Workshop
  • LA, LB, LC etc indicate a series where all classes must be attended; similarly TA, TB, TC or CA, CB, etc.
  • Some activities may be combined, eg Computer lab and Tutorial. In this case the abbreviation would be CT
  • Numbers following letters indicate alternatives from which only one should be selected, e.g. one of T/01, T/02, T/03, T/04 etc.
  • Room code indicates building, level, and room, e.g. 09B6 is Building 9, Level B, Room 6