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Innovation Precinct

The University of Canberra's (UC) innovation initiative will transform our campus into a thriving ecosystem of research and development in biomedicine, biotechnology, sports technology, materials fabrication and IT solutions.

Our innovation-focused campus will be a significant contributor to the ACT economy and enable collaboration on next generation research and technology to create opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs, potential customers and to fund different entities.

The University aims to develop partnerships that enable national and international research partners to pursue research and collaboration opportunities directly from the UC campus.

Innovation partnerships may be two-way, between UC and an external partner, or multifaceted agreements incorporating multiple partners across campus in research and technological innovation.

UC's innovation framework includes the following key priorities:

  • Research commercialisation.
  • Supporting start-up enterprises, particularly in information technology.
  • Developing a smart campus through a partnership with a major technology provider.
  • Creating a supportive environment for social enterprise and non-government organisations.
  • Developing a partnership with a biotechnology company to help develop and commercialise specific biopharmaceutical research undertaken on campus.
  • Being a best practice location for leading sustainable design and developments.
  • Supporting Indigenous scholarships, research and enterprises.
  • Taking a whole of life approach to improve the health of our communities.
  • Creating innovative models of education for people at all stages of life.