UC’s Bruce campus will reflect its role as Canberra’s university, celebrating The Educated Life in its unique location at the intersection of capital and country. It will be smart and sustainable, connected by unique Australian landscape links to the community, and by digital technology to the world.

The UC difference

Canberra’s university

A future UC campus that is outward looking, connected and reinforces UC’s identity statement.

Bush campus setting

Reinforces UC’s distinct bush character, linking key spaces to the region’s significant landscapes and preserved as a future point of difference.

Experiential learning

A place that promotes experiential learning through spaces and places on campus, in the landscape and via industry located on site.

Indigenous UC

A place that promotes UC’s commitments to reconciliation. A campus that provides an environment that fosters respect, unity, inclusion, understanding, truth telling and celebration with respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage.

Sustainable UC

A high-achieving campus in relation to climate change resilience.

Vibrant UC community

A vibrant campus core with satellite hubs of health, wellness, sports, housing and enterprise known for its events and community focused approach.