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Benefits to the Community


Canberra stands to benefit in a number of ways from a thriving University of Canberra (UC) campus.

Economic Growth

The University's campus development vision is inextricably linked to the economic growth of the ACT. It will create new jobs and cement Canberra's place as Australia's knowledge capital.

In December 2014, UC, along with the Australian National University, unveiled a Deloitte Access Economics report that detailed the two institutions' economic contribution. Together, the two universities contributed in excess of $1.7 billion to the ACT economy in 2012 – equivalent to 4.9 per cent of the $35 billion local economy. Further, the report revealed that one in nine Canberrans either study or are employed at one of the institutions.

Each project developed on our campus will grow employment in the ACT. Initially, jobs will be created during the construction phase. Longer term employment opportunities will arise in industries such as healthcare, sport, design and biotechnology.

The development of new facilities on campus will create new partnerships and increase investment in research, development and innovation. These will attract more students and researchers to the ACT, while creating even more jobs.

UC already makes a significant economic, social and cultural contribution to Canberra and the development of our campus will ensure we continue to be competitive in the future.

Reputation as a Smart City

Canberra has a growing reputation as a university destination and UC has a significant role to play. Developing our campus will assist us in rising in the global rankings, increasing our student numbers and growing as a research institution – all of which will continue to build Canberra's reputation as a smart city.

New and Improved Services

The campus development project will increase the amount of services available to the Canberra community, including a wide range of health services, sporting facilities and cultural activities and spaces.

Cultural Activities and Spaces

The cultural fabric of Canberra and the Belconnen region will benefit from new cultural facilities on campus, including:

  • New restaurants and cafes
  • Exhibition spaces
  • Performances spaces
  • Walking paths
  • Playgrounds
  • Sports facilities

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