Campus Development

Over the next decade, the University of Canberra's Bruce campus will be transformed into an integrated learning community, abolishing the boundaries between the academy, industry and community of all ages, and establishing UC as a showcase of the confluence of living, learning, innovation and entrepreneurship.

At its heart will be the principles of co-creation and collaboration, offering fresh opportunities for national and international partnerships, transformational research, enriched learning experiences and vibrant commercial and networking activities.

Proceeds from the development will be used to support UC's strategic objectives as well as  a specially created endowment fund, which will ensure the University and its students continue to prosper well into the future.

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Campus of the Future

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Thank you…

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Thank you. Good evening. To those of you in
the room, and to those of you streaming from

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wherever you are in the world.

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As Vice-Chancellor it is my great pleasure
to welcome you to the annual State of the

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University address.

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I’d like to start proceedings by acknowledging
the Ngunnawal People, the traditional custodians

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of the land on which the original Bruce Campus
was built, and I acknowledge their continuing

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Today we are joined by special guests, the
ACT Chief Minister, members of the ACT Legislative

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Assembly, distinguished alumni and former
Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen Parker AO

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(who is looking remarkably fit, given his
advancing years).

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Ladies and gentleman, today I ask you to cast
your minds back to 2015 and consider what

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we have achieved. For those who weren’t
yet born, you’re about to hear the story

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behind the Educated Life you now enjoy.

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Big goals take time, planning, understanding,
and vision.

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15 years ago, we saw the start of what was possible. New campus accommodation, the Health

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Hub, the Sporting Commons, and the UC Research
Institute for Sport and Exercise had all become

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a reality.

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The ACT Government approved the building of
the UC Public Hospital, now a major teaching

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hospital which drives ground-breaking research.

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Our plans to create an inspired new housing
typology on campus for the Canberra community

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began to surface.

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Meanwhile UC strongly supported the creative
arts and humanities with initiatives such

00:02:12,180 --> 00:02:18,020
as the VC’s Poetry Prize, which nurtured
a campus environment anchored in artistic

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and cultural endeavour.

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These were not isolated developments. Rather,
they were integral components of a grand vision

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to transform UC into an innovative campus
for the future...

00:02:33,600 --> 00:02:39,110
…Developments which were influenced by
the in-depth exploration of ideas, and a planning

00:02:39,110 --> 00:02:43,750
process which set out to prepare the campus
for its exciting evolution.

00:02:43,750 --> 00:02:51,000
…Developments which resulted from robust
discussions and the unrestricted exchange

00:02:51,000 --> 00:02:55,720
of ideas with stakeholders, think tanks, governments
and institutions.

00:02:55,720 --> 00:03:04,980
Choosing not to follow change, but to lead
it, UC’s physical surroundings were transformed

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into an integrated learning community, an
inspiring nucleus of diverse local, interstate

00:03:12,080 --> 00:03:13,900
and international operations.

00:03:13,900 --> 00:03:19,640
Including one of the largest health faculties
in the country,

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a thriving eco-system of research in biotech,
biomedicine, sports tech, material fabrication

00:03:27,070 --> 00:03:28,510
and IT innovation…

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…which has, of course, already led to countless
discoveries benefitting everyday life and

00:03:35,360 --> 00:03:38,040
next generation technology.

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Its positive effect on the ACT’s economy
is evident.

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Our community thrives because of its greatest
asset, you.

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Many of you now live in the Campus Community’s
3,000 sustainable dwellings, award-winning

00:03:54,650 --> 00:03:59,530
for their innovative architecture, and integrated
with a health and wellbeing program.

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As well as the thousands of staff, alumni
and others from all walks of life who call

00:04:07,590 --> 00:04:13,150
the Campus Community home, thousands more
visit each day,

00:04:13,150 --> 00:04:20,000
creating a lively village of Utopian living,
based in a context of ideas, invention and

00:04:20,000 --> 00:04:26,009
knowledge... which provides the support needed
to foster such a context.

00:04:26,009 --> 00:04:32,510
By focusing on successful students in primary
and secondary schools, and by transitioning

00:04:32,510 --> 00:04:37,660
international students to academic life in
Australia, we have encouraged the brightest

00:04:37,660 --> 00:04:40,560
young minds to undertake our degree programs.

00:04:40,560 --> 00:04:47,470
While the University of the Third Age draws
on our units to offer intellectual exploration

00:04:47,470 --> 00:04:50,030
to Canberra’s growing retiree population.

00:04:50,030 --> 00:04:58,730
The Great Hall stands amongst wonderful open
spaces. Its beautiful exhibition space extends

00:04:58,730 --> 00:05:00,560
Canberra’s cultural capabilities.

00:05:00,570 --> 00:05:07,530
The University now seamlessly connects with
the thriving Belconnen CBD and Lake Ginninderra

00:05:07,530 --> 00:05:13,600
forming a stimulating arts, entertainment,
employment and innovation collective.

00:05:13,600 --> 00:05:22,650
In times gone by, monasteries and Universities
were designed to inspire worship, solitude

00:05:22,650 --> 00:05:23,940
and scholarship.

00:05:23,940 --> 00:05:31,760
They were often walled to reinforce the idea
they were apart from the general community.

00:05:31,780 --> 00:05:32,900
Something different.

00:05:32,910 --> 00:05:42,930
UC is something different. It has no walls
around its grounds. It does not retreat from

00:05:42,960 --> 00:05:46,840
the world. It engages with it.

00:05:46,840 --> 00:05:52,400
Canberra has earned its reputation as the
education capital of Australia, an authentic

00:05:52,400 --> 00:05:57,550
university town, analogous to small cities
in Europe and the United States which are

00:05:57,550 --> 00:06:02,490
defined by their prominent schools, institutes
and universities.

00:06:02,490 --> 00:06:10,169
Today, in 2030, you are all witness to how
the University’s strong sense of mission

00:06:10,169 --> 00:06:13,689
IS manifested in the campus environment around

00:06:14,740 --> 00:06:20,360
It’s evident, the moment you step onto the
campus, that this is a university committed

00:06:20,370 --> 00:06:26,490
to the expansion of minds through education
and the pursuit of ideas, committed to professional

00:06:26,490 --> 00:06:33,010
education, applied research, culture and activity
for the benefit of everyone.

00:06:33,010 --> 00:06:37,310
Whatever their age, whatever their stage,
whatever their background, and whatever their

00:06:37,310 --> 00:06:43,670
physical abilities, we learn and discover

00:06:43,980 --> 00:06:47,740
This is 
The Educated Life.

By 2030, the University of Canberra's Bruce campus will be an extraordinary place. People from around the world will visit and experience a new model community in action, where people, young and old, live an educated life.

The planning for this transformation is being driven by a vision of how universities will operate in the future, abolishing the boundaries between the academy, industry and community of all ages, establishing UC as a showcase of the confluence of living, learning, innovation and entrepreneurship. At the heart of this development will be the principles of co-creation and collaboration, offering fresh opportunities for national and international partnerships, transformational research, enriched learning experiences and vibrant commercial and netowrking activities. The campus development vision also aligns with our specific goals of:

  • Opening up and integrating the UC campus with the surrounding district of Belconnen and strangthening partnerships with local educational and professional institutions.
  • Enhancing Canberra's reputation as a knowledge city and educational capital, and growing the knowledge economy by developing an entrepreneurial hub where industry, research and community come together in the exploration of ideas and pursuit of solutions.
  • Stand out as a showcase of innovative urban design in a characteristically Australia landscape, and promote healthy and active lifestyles for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Ensure that by developing the UC campus as a smart-city-within-the-city, we deliver cutting edge communication technologies and connectivity to the community.
  • Create opportunities for our students to be engaged across all areas of the campus development and operations as part of experiential learning programs.
  • Working with our partners, pursue the highest standards of environmental and energy sustainability, water conservation, physical accessibility, and sustainable and active modes of transport.

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