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The Educated Life: UC's Campus of the Future

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By 2030 the UC campus will be a leading example of how a modern, world-class university transformed its physical surroundings to create an integrated learning community where:

  • Scholars, students and the public intermingle;
  • Organisations from nearby and around the world collaborate with the University, creating new knowledge, providing work-integrated learning opportunities for students and developing solutions to real and important problems; and
  • The generations mix, from childhood years to senior years, in a common commitment to lifelong learning.

The Bruce campus will be transformed into a series of precincts, renowned for facilitating international partnerships and transformational research and learning.  Most importantly, the visitor coming onto campus in 2030 will see how the University's strong sense of mission is manifested in its physical environment.  Development of the campus will include:

A Health Precinct on the north-west corner of the campus, with public and private hospitals, independent living and aged care facilities, numerous specialist clinics and research enterprises such that UC has become a regional health hub with one of the largest Health faculties in the country.  The Precinct will have changed the health landscape, providing a platform for innovations that address the healthcare challenges of the future, and will have improved the health and wellbeing of people in the Canberra region.

An Innovation Park in the south-east corner of the campus will be a thriving eco-system of research and development in biomedicine, biotechnology, sports technology, materials fabrication and IT solutions, such that national and global organisations compete for space on campus to be close to research academics and students.  The Park will be a significant contributor to the ACT economy and enable collaboration on next generation research and technology to create links and opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs, potential customers and funding entities.

A Campus Community of over 3000 residences will offer the choice for staff, alumni and members of the public to live in housing typologies co-designed by leading architects, and staff and students of the University.  These dwellings will be held up as attractive, innovative and sustainable living units, only made possible by their location in the special context of a university campus.  Residents will use the cultural, sporting, education, health and retail amenities of the campus, providing scale and growth beyond the level that would otherwise have been possible.  They will have been attracted by a lifestyle available nowhere else in a space of 120 hectares: the Educated Life.

Childcare facilities in different parts of the campus will serve staff and students of the University, on-campus residents and businesses, and the surrounding population, including the fully-developed suburbs of Bruce and Lawson.

Primary and secondary schools on campus will be top-performing, high demand schools with boarding accommodation for senior secondary international students, offering pathways into university courses.

The University of Canberra College, founded in the 1990s, will be a major national tertiary preparation institution, with diploma and English Language courses that help domestic and international students of all ages enter bachelor and masters degree programs.

The University of the Third Age, through its manifestation as UC3A, will draw on the University's units and programs to offer a wide range of non-award courses for the intellectual stimulation of Canberra's growing retiree community.

The University will have built on its initial world-ranking in 2013 to feature in all the main world-rankings, known for the fact that its graduates are in high demand because of their practical skills and generic attributes and the fact that its research output is relevant and useful.  It will only have been able to do so because its campus was transformed in the period after 2015, greatly expanding the opportunities for its staff and students.

UC will be Australia's leading university in Sport Scholarship and Research, due to the completion of all three stages of the Sporting Commons and the re-location to campus of further major sporting teams.

A Great Hall will provide performance and exhibition space, extending significantly Canberra's cultural facilities.

Open spaces and pathways will foster healthy living by encouraging movement around the campus to explore its amenities, ecosystems and destinations.

The Belconnen district will be a thriving and bustling part of Canberra, where the Town Centre, the Lake and the UC campus connect with each other logically and create a magnet for employment and entertainment: interesting places in which to linger and explore.

The Territory will indisputably be the education capital of Australia, analogous to small cities in Europe and the United States which are defined by the presence of prominent schools, institutes, universities and research organisations.