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Community Connections

UnCover Event: Exploring the ‘new normal’

What is the ‘new normal’? New Year’s Eve 2020 heralded a new decade and with it sweeping and devastating new challenges—bushfires ravaged our country, air quality in the ACT became the worst in the world, climate change took centre stage, the environmental impact on health and mental health came to the fore and technology both offered solutions and created new challenges.

Enlighten your mind in this special University of Canberra UnCover Pop-Up Event, author, activist and philanthropist Sarah Wilson (I Quit Sugar, First, We Make the Beast Beautiful) hosts a group of UC experts to explore what exactly constitutes the ‘new normal’, and how quickly the human brain adjusts to changes in conditions.

Join climate change adaptation expert, Professor Barbara Norman; deliberative democracy and environmental governance on climate change researcher Professor Simon Niemeyer from the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance; AI and robotics art PhD candidate David Hinwood; Associate Professor of Architecture in cutting-edge technology, Max Maxwell; and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education and technology in schools proponent Professor Barney Dalgarno.

WHAT: UnCover Pop Up Event: Exploring the ‘new normal’

WHEN: Monday, 9 March 2020

WHERE: Enlighten Pop Up Tent

Free registration is essential.

Students in Focus

"It was one of my dreams come true – I was going to university"

Ana Marcela Lopez Garcia always knew that she wanted to pursue higher education, but her future became uncertain when her family were forced to leave their home. In spite of these challenges, Marcela has made her dreams come true.

Community Connections

Tribute to a life driven by love: Dr Sarah Cope’s legacy

Former UC Assistant Professor Dr Sarah Cope devoted her life to improving that of older people, especially those with dementia

Sport, Health & Wellbeing

Keeping fit in isolation: UC experts provide practical advice

The University of Canberra’s fitness experts offer practical advice to help maintain – and even improve – physical and mental fitness in a time of self-isolation.

Sport, Health & Wellbeing

FUTURE BRIGHT: Nursing in the age of a pandemic

Head of the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Public Health at the University of Canberra, Professor Karen Strickland speaks about the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife and how COVID-19 will shape the future of nursing.