The Canberra Award is a certificate aimed at enhancing your career prospects. Awarded at graduation it acknowledges your professional development over your University career.
This site is to be used to help guide you through the process of achieving the requirements of the Award. 


Visit:Careers UC (Location: 1C42)
Phone:02 6201 2660

The Canberra Award Workgroup!

Published 12 May 2017 @ 12:10 PM, by Gen


This workgroup has been created to help you navigate through the Canberra Award Program and complete all the required components before you Graduate.

This workgroup will link you to:

Dear Canberra Award participants

Applications to receive the Canberra Award close this Friday 11 August.

If you believe you meet all requirements of the Canberra Award and you're graduating in September, make sure you send an email to to ensure your certificate will be printed, signed by the VC and handed to you at graduation.Thanks to those who have already sent this email.

Kind regards

Your Canberra Award team