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User Experience (UX) and Design Thinking


Start dates

13 October

Time commitment

6 weeks
(8-10 hours per week)


Tuesdays 7:30pm
(First webinar 18 October. Course material provided 13 October)


100% Online


Early bird – $1,400
Full price – $1,800
(Early bird offer is available until 23 September and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.)

Enrolments close

10 October

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If you’re looking for a creative career in high demand, then look no further than User Experience Design (UX). As technology has become a permanent fixture of everyday life, the need for good UX is more important than ever before. Employers in Australia and abroad are paying handsome salaries to attract the right talent to their business.

As the impact of COVID-19 has pushed us deeper into the digital revolution, there has never been a better time to adapt and upskill in the digital market.

This short, 100% online course will teach you how to articulate the Design Thinking process and apply UX design practices to drive business outcomes. Over six weeks, you’ll learn the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to work in the digital economy and successfully identify user problems and solve usability issues.

You’ll get practical experience in generating personas, wireframes and prototypes and be able to effectively analyse and apply UX design practices. Alongside the commercial examples, this course also features a series of case studies in relation to the public sector, curated from leading industry sources.

Career potential

The role of UX design is evolving across all industries. As the balance shifts from producers towards consumers, and the digital economy rapidly grows, now more than ever businesses are looking for skilled UX Designers to create positive experiences for their customers.

Having a demonstrated understanding of key UX design and Design Thinking concepts and the ability to apply strategy and concepts offers a great variety of career choice and will help you adapt to the changing economy.

The average salary for User Experience (UX) Designers in Australia is over $100,000  (Indeed, Nov 2020). A strong understanding of Design Thinking and UX Design can lead to a career as a UX designer, user researcher, usability analyst and more.

Who should apply for this course

  • Non-technical team leaders of digital teams wanting to better understand critical concepts in UX design and the design thinking process
  • Individuals with a graphic design or research background wanting a pathway to accelerate their career in the digital economy
  • Product owners or managers who want to understand the pivotal role UX design plays in successful product development

Learning outcomes

  • Articulate the design thinking process
  • Generate inspiration, ideation and implementation plans and processes
  • Produce effective user research, personas, maps, wireframes and prototypes
  • Analyse and apply UX design practices to drive positive business outcomes

Course structure

Module 1

Intro to design thinking and UX design

  • Intro to UX design
  • The foundation of any UX design
  • The evolution of UX design
Module 2


  • Before going into the field
  • Field research
  • Application to a real-world example
Module 3


  • Synthesis
  • Brainstorming
  • Photocopying
  • Integrate feedback & iterate
  • Creating the plan
  • Application to a real-world example
Module 4


  • The transition to the real world
  • Application to a real-world example
Module 5

Business model design

  • Drafting a business model
  • Business model design process
  • Application to a real-world example
Module 6

Value proposition design

  • Customer profile
  • Value map
  • Test
  • Application to a real-world example

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UC Endorsed

Upon completion of the User Experience (UX) and Design Thinking course you will earn a digital badge and certificate of completion from UC Pro that you can share on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

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