Digital Leadership for Managers


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27 October


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Time commitment

6 weeks (8 hours per week)



How will machine learning impact your team? How can data underpin your strategy? What is agile methodology and the Internet of Things?

Learn to speak with confidence about modern technology and apply concepts in your workplace with this fully online, short six-week course.

This course will change the way you understand contemporary technology. You’ll develop a comprehensive understanding emerging technology trends and develop the ability to think digitally in your workplace.

You’ll be guided through everything you need to know about contemporary technology such as cloud computing, cyber security, data science and automation and how you can apply these to your organisation to drive your business strategy. You’ll also learn how to reimagine business processes in a digital context to increase efficiency and business growth.

By the end of the course you’ll feel confident talking about modern technology and be prepared to work digital concepts into your business plans and strategy.

Who should apply for this course

This course is suitable for all levels of experience, whether you are a mature professional looking to build confidence with technology concepts, or someone wanting to accelerate your career through applications of new and complex technologies.

This course is suitable for professionals aspiring to take advantage of digital technology within their business and gain momentum to new and innovative business opportunities.

Career potential

Research shows only 9% of organisational leaders feel their senior staff have the skills to transition successfully into the digital economy. With a significant portion of the workforce feeling taken over by the speed of change, completing this course will give you the confidence to take charge of technology in your career and stand out from the crowd.

This course gives individuals and organisations the opportunity to embrace the digital revolution and gives professionals the opportunity to thrive in a dynamic environment.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the concept of the digital economy, the fourth industrial revolution, and its effect on the day to day operations of an organisation
  • Analyse the drivers that contribute to the digital transformation
  • Identify the business case for digital technologies in an organisational context
  • Learn agile methods to boost effective working practices in the digital economy
  • Examine leadership approaches and explore what consistent individual, team, and organisational performances involve

UC Endorsed

Upon completion of the Digital Leadership for Managers course you will earn a digital badge and certificate of completion from UC Pro that you can share on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Course structure

Module 1

Introduction to the digital economy

  • Define megatrends, the 4IR and drivers of digital transformation
  • Best practices for design thinking
  • Identify technologies to drive business innovation
Module 2

Cloud computing and cyber security

  • Identify cloud computing and key drivers for cloud adoption
  • Explore service models and available cloud deployment options
  • Best practices for cyber-security
Module 3

Data and analytics

  • Define big data and how it creates value
  • Establish data visualisation techniques
  • Analyse UX design processes
Module 4

AI and automation

  • Best practice automation and Key AI concepts and frameworks
  • Define how CX design processes and customer data drive customised marketing automation
Module 5

Agile ways of working

  • Drive productivity and value through agile working
  • Compare agile methods with traditional project management
  • Drive productivity with experimentation
Module 6

Leadership in the digital economy

  • Explore leadership and the digital economy
  • Identify environments for sustainable leadership
  • Leading organisations by evolution to reflect and maximise success

UC Endorsed

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