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Policies and Procedures

Before applying to enrol in University of Canberra College English Language Centre programs, we recommend you familiarise yourself with, read and understand the policies listed below. Please contact us if you have any questions about our policies and procedures.

For information on deferment, suspension or cancellation of student's enrolment, view the standards under the National Code. Consistent with the University of Canberra's principles of equity, these standards apply to all students irrespective of their visa type.

A request for a refund should be in writing, addressed to the Administrative Officer, University of Canberra College English Language Centre (UCCELC). Full details can be found in the ELICOS Refund Policy.

Please be aware that any school-age children accompanying an overseas student to Australia will be required by Australian government policy to pay full fees if they are enrolled in either a government or non-government school.

Please read The role of the Dean of Students and our Student Grievance Resolution Policy.

On your arrival at the University of Canberra, you will be informed of the Student Grievance Resolution Procedure which operates in the University of Canberra English Language Centre (UCCELC). Use of these Student Grievance Procedures however does not prevent you from exercising your rights to other legal remedies or remove the right to take further action under Australia's consumer protection laws.

Students wanting to transfer to UC College from another institution or students who would like to transfer from UC College to study with another institution please see our International Student Transfer Assessment Policy for further details.

Younger students are those below the age of majority (18 years). Through its guardianship policy the University of Canberra undertakes to ensure that suitable arrangements are made for the care and supervision of students who are under the age of 18. However, in respect of guardianship and accommodation for such younger students, in all cases they will need to secure a student visa by demonstrating that until such time as they turn 18 years of age, they will live in Australia either:

  • with a parent or legal custodian; or
  • with a relative over 21 years of age who has been nominated by a parent or legal guardian.

Students who take up a place at the University are subject to the Statutes and Rules of the University and to the lawful directions of its officers. The University of Canberra Student Conduct Rules set out procedures for dealing with cases of alleged breach of conduct, whether academic or non-academic. This policy applies to conduct on University grounds or in relation to any event or activities related to the student's enrolment and conducted. 

If you think that you have not been fairly assessed due to a breach of policies or procedures, you may lodge a written appeal, describing the grounds upon which you are appealing,  please read our Appeals and Grievance Procedure.

If you are worried about, or not happy with, any aspects of your ELICOS or Foundation course, or handling of fees, attendance or progress matters while you are in the University of Canberra College, we would like to know about the problem so that we can help you. Please read our Appeals and Grievance Support.