Wendy Lee
“Building relationships with students makes teaching truly rewarding."


Wendy's inspirational story proves that there are several paths to take when following your dreams. As a new UC Psychology graduate, Wendy was unsure what to do with herself. After taking a job in community service, providing play based therapy to young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Wendy had a revelation – she really enjoyed working with and teaching children. Instead of pursuing a career in psychology, Wendy headed back to UC, and in 2013, she graduated with Bachelor of Education in Primary Teaching.

UC's Bachelor of Education offers practical hands-on experience, helping student teachers bridge the gap between classroom study and real world teaching. Wendy credits her UC teaching mentors with finally turning her dream of teaching into a reality. "It was here that I learned from experienced, passionate and inspiring teachers. I was lucky to spend time with three mentors who worked closely with me as a student teacher, who allowed me to take risks and grow as an educator."

Together, through UC's Teacher Education Professional Experience program, and Wendy's dedication to her passion, Wendy was granted a contract with a primary school to start gaining first-hand teaching experience. After graduating, Wendy was offered a permanent job and is now a full-fledged teacher with the ACT Department of Education, teaching Year 2 students at the Ngunnawal Primary School.

"As a student, I was constantly told that teaching is a demanding job," Wendy says. "Six months into my career as a graduate teacher, I know this is all too true! However, it's when my students leave me little notes or bring me in a cupcake for being 'the best teacher ever', I remember why I chose this career path."


Education; Psychology