Tuan Lim
International businessman with UC roots


Never one to shy away from a challenge, 2000 UC graduate Tuan Lim has been making waves in both the public and private sectors. Immediately after graduating, Tuan found employment as a project manager and engineer with the Australian Department of Defence where he was instrumental in providing electronic engineering and project management expertise on a number of projects. It was here he got his first experience with business and financial analysis, which propelled him into the private sector.

In 2004, Tuan graduated with his Master in Business Administration from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. Moving to Hong Kong, Tuan joined several companies to further develop his skills in, IT, project management, financial, as well as business operation & management.

With a diverse set of degrees and certifications, but remaining true to his UC roots, Tuan is now working in the information technology department of a renowned airline to manage vendor, project management, and service assurance for the day-to-day operation.

Although he might be a long way from where he started at UC, Tuan continues to credit his time in Canberra as providing the support he needed to drive his professional development and networking. "UC opened up the opportunity for me to develop my social and professional skills so I could work with different people," Tuan says. "UC is not just a place for development, but also a great place to share and support."

Tuan was appointed as a UC Alumni Representative for the Hong Kong Region in 2014.