Somsavath Phanthady
International communications professional and graphic artist


2001 UC graduate Somsavath Phanthady is an international communications expert with a background in journalism and graphic design. His work has taken him from entry level communications manager to superintendent at Lane Xang Minerals Limited, one of the largest mining corporations in Laos. With Lane Xang, Somsavath used his bilingual skills to translate between Lao and English during important meetings and media events. His dedication to the Lane Xang's customer service was unprecedented, and Somsavath personally managed mine tours, press conferences, and the company's international reputation.

Although Somsavath studied graphic design at UC, he went on to graduate with his Masters in Journalism from Emerson College in Boston, USA. Using his two diverse yet intertwined degrees, Somsavath designed the company's monthly Lao-English newsletters and publications. Somsavath also developed corporate communications through posters, videos, and animations. As a dedicated champion of international learning and communications, Somsavath is a member of both AusAID and the Fullbright Association.

Before pursuing a career in communication, Somsavath was instrumental in promoting the 6th Annual Canberra International Film Festival, winning a design contest to create the event's tickets, brochures and posters.

"The skills I gained at UC helped pave the way for my further studies and shaped my career in the communication field," Somsavath says. "UC's services for overseas students are excellent."

Somsavath now manages communications at Laos-Australia Development Learning Facility, a project that is funded by AusAID and managed by Adam Smith International. Its function is to support and augment the various programs under Australia's Rural Development and Education Delivery Strategies in Laos.


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