Simone Tregeagle
Simone is deputy CEO at RT Health Fund


Simone is deputy CEO at RT Health Fund, a 122-year old organisation, where she runs the sales, service and marketing division with staff across three locations. She is also the author of two books: the Smart Girl's Guide to Money and Smart Couple's Guide
to Money – both of which were best-sellers in their title categories.

Before working with RT Health, Simone had success as an editor and copywriter in her own company, Ink Communications, where she edited 40 books and wrote for many Australian and international companies.

Simone has also worked as a brand and communication strategist at Heywood Innovation and prior to this, as a fundraiser for the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife in Sydney, raising funds to assist in the preservation of natural habitats and endangered species. On leaving the Foundation, Simone took to a business opportunity to capitalise on the 2000 Sydney Olympics, proposing a joint venture to overhaul a school excursion accommodation program, capitalising on an estimated market of 250,000 school children that would visit Sydney for the Olympics.


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