Natalie Hardwicke
Natalie is a freelance writer and communications consultant


Like many students, Natalie didn't always know what career path she wanted to take or even if she was in the right major! By chance, while pursuing her Bachelor in Psychology, Natalie enrolled in a creative writing elective. What happened next was meant to be. "Hindsight is a powerful thing. I completed my psychology degree with zero intention of becoming a psychologist. I stumbled into a creative writing elective and it then became my major," Natalie says. "I didn't really know why I studied what I did, but now I know it was all for reason - to help me discover my passion for writing."

Since graduating with Honours from UC with a Bachelor of Communication in creative writing, Natalie has moved to Melbourne to complete her Masters in Publishing and Communications at the University of Melbourne. Natalie's unique blend of education and experience has propelled her career into roles often reserved for those with decades of experience, like working as a senior communications manager and being published in an international marketing book. Natalie specialises in internal communication, public relations, and employee engagement, all of which directly tie to her two UC degrees.

After gaining a few years of invaluable work experience, Natalie decided to make a dramatic career change by leaving her job and becoming a freelance communication consultant, and founding her own website - Natalie and her small team offer creative communications advice to help improve the internal structure of a business, focusing on employee engagement, information management, and communications strategies.

Even though Natalie has made leaps and bounds in her career ladder, she credits UC as the foundation that built her up. "UC was where I discovered my passion for social psychology and my ability to write. I always remember the teaching staff as very competent, knowledgeable and passionate about their work. This is something I have come to appreciate even more so in postgraduate studies and in my professional career."


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