Luke McKee
Environmental Scientist with an eye and ear for quality

Bachelor of Environmental Science, 2014

Environmental scientist Luke McKee graduated with this Bachelor of Environmental Science in 2014, majoring in marine ecology, earth science, sustainability and terrestrial ecology. Luke was employed as a Field Research Assistant with UC's Institute for Applied Ecology throughout the duration of his studies.

As a Field Researcher, Luke monitored the overall ecosystem health, water quality, fish biology and ecology, tree and river health in the Murrumbidgee and Cotter rivers, and Little Penguin ecology. Most importantly, Luke kept careful tabs on the quality of Canberra's drinking water reserves by being involved with projects that collected data and carefully examined a range of ecological factors associated with potable water supply.

Starting in 2015, Luke is pursuing his Honours in Applied Environmental Science, taking his passion for studying the intricacies and preservation of the environment one step further. This new educational foray will take Luke to Bowen Island, Jervis Bay, where he will be investigating the impacts of a naturally changing habitat on the behavioural ecology of Little Penguins (Eudyptula minor) in the face of a long absense of fire on the island.

Before becoming an environmental scientist, Luke earned an Audio Engineering degree from JMC Academy. For several years, Luke engineered sound and lighting for live concerts and entertainment events.

Outside of environmental studies and audio engineering, Luke is passionate about fishing, diving and boating and enjoys exploring Australia's marine life and waterways.

Thanks to scientists like Luke, we can continue to enjoy the prosperous and bountiful Australian ecosystems that many of us take for granted.


Environmental Science