José Alberto Hernández Ibarzábal
José created a model to study investment in natural gas infrastructure


On 27 September 2012 José Alberto graduated from a PhD in Government. "I am deeply grateful towards the University of Canberra as an institution and towards Emeritus Professor Roger Wettenhall AM for his supervision and assistance", he says.

Findings from José Alberto's area of research, financial investment in natural gas infrastructure, regulation and competition, have been published in a world class journal, and the findings of the research stance in Stockholm in a renowned working paper series.

José Alberto wrote a thesis that created and tested a model on the Australian case study. This model was highly praised by an examiner who is a leading researcher in regulatory issues and stated that the model 'can be generalised to other countries and infrastructures'. "Working with Professor Wettenhall was integral," says José Alberto. "He organised interviews for me with key representatives of federal and state regulatory institutions and industry representatives that provided the thesis a firsthand approach to a vibrant and complex issue that considerably impacts many people's lives".

Professor Wettenhall's commitment towards José Alberto's doctoral programme contributed substantially to developing quality research publishable in competitive publications and a specialisation in a specific area of studies, which he envisions is the objective of a PhD degree.

José Alberto studied and developed research in different institutions (BA International Relations (Hons) UNAM, MMGT University of Barcelona, DipAdvSt & PhD Candidate SPS University Pompeu Fabra (UPF), McGill University (exchange), UTS (exchange), Institute for Future Studies (Stockholm) (research stance) and UCU of course), and has been granted highly competitive scholarships (European Union, Swedish Institute, CONACYT, UNAM Foundation and SEP, amongst others) and in 2013 will complete another doctoral degree at the UPF.

In the institutions where José Alberto undertook research he worked under the supervision of world-renowned scholars, and he acknowledges that Professor Wettenhall has helped him the most in his academic career. "The University of Canberra facilitated this supervision and provided a flexible (yet academically solid) approach towards my case, which allowed me to graduate on time and move on to finalising other academic commitments".

José Alberto also vividly recalls Jim Service's speech at his graduation ceremony which highlighted the value of adapting to change in an increasingly multicultural and multidisciplinary academic world. "The graduation ceremony at Parliament House was very reassuring of the great institution I graduated from and I will represent for life".


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