Helen Swan
From 2003 - 2008 Helen was director of the Canberra Youth Music Choirs


Helen Swan is a musician and music educator, and has worked as a singer, conductor and chorus master for several groups in Canberra. For many years Helen was the Director of Music at Canberra Grammar Junior School but in 2002 left to broaden her musical endeavours within the community.

From 2003 to 2008, Helen was director of the Canberra Youth Music Choirs and her singing group, The Resonants, perform regularly, with proceeds going to charity.

Their 2004 Christmas Concert raised funds for Galilee Inc, a not-for-profit organisation providing services to disadvantaged Canberra children, to help rebuild facilities that were destroyed in the 2003 bushfires. In 2010, the proceeds from The Resonants Christmas Concert were donated to the The HOME in Queanbeyan, a 24-hour accommodation support facility for people with severe mental illness. Other fundraising activities include the Canberra Musicians Tsunami Concert, where proceeds of $7,000 were given to the Australia Red Cross Asia Quake and Tsunami Appeal.