Gabrielle Tozer
Accomplished author, magazine editor, journalist and copywriter


UC Journalism graduate Gabrielle Tozer knows that hard work and perseverance are the two most important ingredients for success. After years of unpaid internships and a rigorous course schedule, Gabrielle graduated from UC and set her goals high, applying to dozens of editing and writing jobs. Gabrielle's first choice was a position at the magazine Dolly, which she was passed over for. Never one to let rejection get her down, Gabrielle says, "In reality, it's just one job and one moment, so the sooner you get back out there and try again, the sooner you will be successful." Eventually, Gabrielle landed the job at Dolly, proving that staying true to your dreams and goals will eventually pay off.

After demonstrating her worth in the magazine world, Gabrielle set her sights on another dream – becoming a published author. In 2014, HarperCollins published Gabrielle's first novel, The Intern, which follows the story of a young intern at a glamorous fashion magazine. Drawing inspiration from her own life story, Gabrielle says, "I wanted to tell a story about someone who was relatable and fun - the kind of girl I wanted to read about when I was 14 or 15 years old." With the book's strong reception, Gabrielle has already begun working on a sequel.

As a young up and coming writer, Gabrielle receives a lot of questions from people seeking career advice. To help others find their way in achieving their goals, Gabrielle established The Bottom Rung, a section on her website that features interviews with industry leaders and Gabrielle's own advice on how to land a job, get promoted, and succeed.

Gabrielle continues a long tradition of UC Journalism graduates who excel in the field while providing inspiration for those seeking guidance. With a long list of credentials already under her belt before even turning 30, Gabrielle is one UC graduate we are proud to call an alumni.


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