Cathrine Tzaris Pagatpatan
An international leader in Philippine tourism and foreign relations


There's a reason so many students, like Cathrine Tzaris Pagatpatan, have come to UC in pursuit of their tourism management degree. From our world-experienced faculty to our intricate network of professional resources, UC has always taken pride in offering the best education in tourism. Cathrine, a 2009 graduate, has launched a successful career as a tourism specialist for Davao City in the Philippines. She has even taken her tourism degree so far as to becoming a teacher herself, lecturing on tourism planning and development at the Philippine Women's College.

For over ten years, Cathrine was a tourism receptionist with the Davao City Tourism Operations Office. Finally, with her UC Tourism degree in hand, Cathrine was promoted to Tourism Officer II, becoming one of the city's leaders in tourism planning and development, as well as training associate tourism officers.

In pursuing her love of tourism and higher education, Cathrine was awarded an Australian Development Scholarship, cementing her future as a decorated UC alumna. "My lectures at UC imparted very valuable knowledge and important lessons which are very applicable to my career," Cathrine says.

Today, Cathrine is the Head of the Investment and Trade Promotion Unit of the Davao City Investment Promotion Center, and is actively involved in promoting Davao City as an investment destination. She is still heavily involved in travel and tourism promotion, developing close ties with Japanese business partners, implementing foreign trade agreements, and leading marketing initiatives and heading the unit's public relations accounts. She is also an active member of the Philippines-Australia Alumni Association (PA3i),Davao City Chapter.

Cathrine was appointed as the UC Alumni Representative for the Davao City region in The Philippines in 2014.