Brennon Dowrick
Brennon is one of Australia’s most successful male gymnasts


Brennon is one of Australia's most successful male gymnasts and now an internationally renowned corporate speaker.

After competing at two Olympic Games, three Commonwealth Games and seven Gymnastics World Championships, Brennon knows a lot about succeeding in elite sport. Spending 18 years on scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport, Brennon discovered the importance of surrounding himself with a strong team and taking every opportunity presented to him to allow him to achieve his Olympic dream.

His journalism degree from the University of Canberra equipped Brennon with the skills and confidence to speak to companies all over the world sharing the details of his journey as an elite athlete. He specialises in opening and closing events and the impact he makes has resulted in Brennon being voted as "Speaker of the Conference" after many of his presentations.

The element of surprise is an exciting part of Brennon's presentations. The pommel horse is unveiled and the suit and tie come off to reveal his Olympic Competition uniform.

Brennon is also the co-founder of Thrive Corporate Training which provides business professionals, athletes and media experts the opportunity to improve their presentation, communication and leadership skills.


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