Ann-Maree Hartley
Ann-Maree is a psychologist and suicide prevention specialist


Ann-Maree Hartley is an award winning psychologist and suicide prevention specialist. Ann-Maree has been working tirelessly for nearly 15 years, improving the lives of her patients and their families. Her work with children, families, and adults has had a huge impact across Australia, and she has made it one of her goals to erase the taboos associated with seeking mental help, and to improve the lives of not just individuals, but entire communities.

Ann-Maree specialises in the psychological treatment of patients with suicidal behaviour, suicide prevention, and group therapy for children, adolescents and adults who have experienced mental health issues. Not only does Ann-Maree specialise in psychological care, she is also deeply rooted in maternity and infant care, and she operates an infant massage group for pregnant women and new mothers. Ann-Maree is also a well-known instructor in Australia, teaching others about healing and psychological well-being. Her workshops on psychological care and suicide prevention are usually filled to capacity.

Philanthropy and community connections are very important to Ann-Maree and she has established a number of organisations and initiatives. She has founded the National Association of Loss and Grief's Suicide Prevention Network and the Walk Towards Hope, a suicide awareness group. Ann-Maree also established a not-for-profit organisation, the Connected Communities Project, which aims to provide rural communities with ways to prevent and respond to suicide, and to stimulate health promotion and illness prevention. Through Ann-Maree's work, communities and individuals who have experienced loss have come together like never before to help each other in healing. Several area healthcare providers have also begun expanding their mental assessments when working with their patients.

Ann-Maree is conducting her PhD in perinatal suicidality. We at UC strongly support Ann-Maree in her mission for improving the psychological well-being of Australians of all walks of life. Her generous contributions to the health of society make us proud to call her UC Alumni.