Amy Kennedy
Founder, The Organising Bee

Bachelor of Communication in Advertising and Marketing Communications, 2000

Amy Kennedy is a Professional Organiser and Decluttering Expert, and the founder of The Organising Bee - Home Organising & Decluttering ( Through The Organising Bee, Amy supports families and individuals to minimise clutter in the home and establish personalised organising systems to support efficiency and ease of maintenance.  She has helped numerous families within the Canberra region to regain control of their lives by teaching them new ways of thinking and organising their belongings and their lives.  

Prior to launching The Organising Bee, Amy held a successful 15-year marketing career within the digital printing, Internet and footwear manufacturing sectors.  Amy was involved in the launch of Broadband ADSL onto the Australian consumer market and multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns for some of Australia’s most iconic footwear brands including Grosby, Volley and Dunlop whilst employed by Pacific Brands Footwear.

Whilst Amy enjoyed the strategy and fast paced world of marketing, the constant promotion of unnecessary goods onto consumers and the significance this had in contributing to society’s excess consumption conflicted with her moral compass. Her drive and passion to do something that truly added value to the lives of others and her love of organising lead to the launch of The Organising Bee in 2015.

Amy is living proof that strong organisational skills can be learnt and now devotes her time to sharing these skills and the benefits of a living a clutter-free lifestyle to families seeking life balance. Amy was invited by the Institute of Professional Organisers to speak on behalf of the institute at the HIA Home Show in Sydney in May 2018. She was been awarded the Best of Houzz for Service in 2017 & 2018.


Management and Marketing; Media and Communications