Alexi Paschalidis
"There are those who have dreams and those who make them happen.”


Graduating from a Bachelor of Communication in 2003, Alexi launched Oxide Interactive, a specialist web design and development business with friend he met at UC. The business continues to thrive after nine years and also has a growing team of talented UC alumni.

Alexi grew up in Canberra and wanted to continue his education here. He always had an interest in computers and design and says, "When I was in year twelve the web was fairly new and I decided that interactive 'new media' (the label at the time) was the path I wanted to follow."

Alexi appreciates how much the university positively affected his life in different ways. He started his degree with a broad understanding of the industry and was able to funnel it down to specialised areas of interest. "Going through that process helped give me the experience to choose what I specialise in today."

It is however, the hard work and long hours Alexi has put into building Oxide Interactive that has led to a rewarding career. His role varies from managing the business to marketing it and finding the right people for the company. With a team that shares his passion for best practice and innovating on the web, they produce results that they are proud of - such as the UC Alumni website. "Although we are a small team, we punch above our weight and all feel the sense of achievement when we win high profile projects over other high quality, larger competitors," he says.

"I was fortunate to find an invaluable mentor whose knowledge and support has helped on the way." Alexi's advice to graduates is to find and learn from those who are more experienced and to pay it forward when the time comes.

Reflecting on his time at UC, Alexi explains that he loved the social side of studying. "Meeting great people with similar interests was a highlight, and working on group projects with people who shared the passion of creativity helped develop connections that gave me a head start to building a professional network," he says. Almost a decade on, Alexi continues to keep in touch with many alumni which made it possible for them to help each other out as their careers have progressed.

Graduating from UC means different things to everyone. Alexi feels it was summed up in a quote from the guest speaker at his graduation ceremony who said, "[A UC degree teaches you] to enter the world with the grace of scepticism without the clumsiness of cynicism." Over time Alexi realised the impact his education had on his approach to ongoing learning, world view and drive for continual improvement.

"Hard work pays off," Alexi says. "There are those who have dreams and those who stay up late to make them happen."


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