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    Activity Types

    • C Computer Lab; D Drop in Session; E Examination; G Group; I Internship/Placement; P Laboratory; L Lecture; M Moot; O Online only; P Practical; N Presentation; J Project; V Screening; S Seminar; S Session; U Studio; T Tutorial; W Workshop
    • LA, LB indicate a series where all classes must be attended; similarly TA, TB, or CA, CB.
    • Numbers following letters indicate alternatives from which only one should be selected, e.g. one of T/01, T/02, etc.
    • COVID-19 Timetable updates

      In response to COVID-19 and government restrictions on social distancing, some units may comprise a mix of offerings, even though the study mode may still indicate otherwise (e.g. intensive, on campus etc). Listed under 'location', these include:

      COVID-19 remote: attend tutorial or workshop live ONLINE, but note often lectures are pre-recorded for listening later, so please check the unit Canvas site.

      Room number (e.g. 7B18): attend face to face on campus, following strict limits on room capacity to enable social distancing. Select this option only if attending regularly.

      Online: online activities may be a combination of study at your own pace and live online, so please check the unit Canvas site.