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Taking your career to the next level could be easier than you think.

Whether you’re looking to move up the ladder, change direction or acquire specialist knowledge, a qualification from the University of Canberra can help get you there.

With a range of flexible courses covering different study areas, you could have a new degree to add to your resume in no time at all.

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* Applications received after this date will still be considered, however we strongly recommend that you submit your application on time to allow for sufficient processing before the commencement period.

Receive financial support

Financial assistance can help you get the most out of your university experience.

Domestic students don't have to pay course fees upfront. HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP allows you to access a government loan that you pay off through your income tax.

Some courses also provide Commonwealth Supported Places, meaning the government subsidises the course fees. So, it is worth shopping around.

UC also offers a variety of scholarships to assist you with living costs, textbooks, accommodation, relocation or contribution towards your fees. Simply submit one application, and you’ll be considered for every scholarship for which you’re eligible.

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I decided to study postgrad because I was looking for career progression and personal growth. The flexibility and delivery format were things that sold me on UC.

Master of Strategic Communication

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